Unites States Institute of Peace

This brand new building designed by architect Moshe Safdie was just completed at the far west end of the National Mall. The bold design features a swooping translucent roof form that covers an interior atrium connecting stone office masses. Safdie walks a fine line between a pure modern minimalism and a post-modern iconic formalism. The roof structure is technologically elegant, but if viewed in plan it purposely evokes the image of the dove of peace.








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  1. thb Says:

    fabulous photos…

  2. Marie Gross Says:

    Last fall, I had the opportunity to tour this building, and it is magnificent!
    The Project Architect Coordinator, Paul Gross, did an outstanding job of overseeing the project! His meticulous attention to every detail is exemplified in the precise placement of each window and roof pane. The windows and roof appear as a kaleidoscope of geometric designs. As you walk through the interior of the building, you are amazed as you look out the windows and view the backdrop of the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and other Washington monuments. This unique and modern building is an Architectural treasure on the Washington Mall.
    Regina-Marie Gross

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