Alexa Meade at the National Portrait Gallery

Alexa Meade is an artist based in Washington DC. Her increasingly well known work consists of painting real life spaces and figures as if to look as though they were inside an oil painting and then photograping the scene. A kind of trompe l’oeil occurs when viewing her photographs. It is hard to believe that the vivid lines and colors have not been drawn over the image, that everything represented is actually the tones and dimensions the camera is picking up as “reality.” One is reminded of rotoscopy (waking life), where the real blends with the drawing blends with the real. Most of Meade’s work is in the closeup and the detailed contours of undulating clothing and skin are remarkably well rendered.  Integrating perspective and distance into the work would be a lovely exploration. I tried to imbue my photographs with this sensibility.

The architectural space inside the Kogod Courtyard at the National Gallery is lovely and you can see more photos of it in this post, including a night shot.

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  1. The Purple Lady Says:

    I find the black/white/grey section captivating. Thank you for sharing this.

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