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Designed by Polshek Partnership of New York City, the Newseum is the newest addition to the well known group of museum attractions surrounding The National Mall.  The architecture is highly contemporary, perhaps to the degree that it may be fated to be perceived as particularly dated in the years to come.  One aspect I do enjoy is the large stone tablet on which is inscribed the first amendment.  The material choice is a clear reference to the surrounding buildings, many of which are classical style Romanesque buildings with Corinthian columns that pretend to be made out of stacked stone.  The reality, of course, is that many of these buildings are actually constructed of modern steel or concrete frames, onto which is fastened a facade of stone paneling made to appear thick and tectonic.  The architects of the Newseum embrace and admit to this reality by stopping the stone panel before it hits the ground and by showing its thinness as an applied layer.  The expression is both honest, elegant, and it fits the material language of the existing city fabric.




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