The Importance of Transparency

This modern minimalist glass cube was added to the classical style City Hall of Washington DC by architect Hani Hassan in the past year.  As a place for the process of enactment  of objective justice, it is appropriate that the entrance to the 223 year old building is equiped with a functionalist piece of logically crisp architecture.  Oddly enough to my own sensibilities,  it has been studied by psychologists that when shown an image of a courthouse and asked to imagine being tried in that building for a crime one did not commit, people are distinctly more comfortable with this event taking place in a building of the classical style over one in the modern style.  This is a crisis of divided representation.  One must see architecture not as a collection of distinct styles that can be chosen from in order to evoke a particular iconographic memory, but rather as a progressive  and responsive functional process of creative discovery and material problem solving toward a more just and verdant world.  As we progress stylistically and technologically in our design of the urban construct, so does the polis become more  free.  Imagine on the day that the innocent person is acquitted, they would be symbolically cleansed of suspicion and malign by the physical act of passing through an instance of Tabula Rasa space as they exit the forum.




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