That Hour

I came across this little gem at Stanley Kubrick’s favorite time of day: “that hour when the light is perfect…and everyone is exhausted.”

Imagine how nice that pool deck must be  Notice the outboard structure spanning between balconies and the tinted sunscreens partially shading the inner layer of glass.  Very nice.  It’s located at 648 19th street NW.  Anyone know the architect?


3 Responses to “That Hour”

  1. jz Says:

    this is apartments? it would be nice if more office building facades downtown were porous like this.

  2. thb Says:

    ‘That Hour’, such a perfect quote for the sun glow on that elegant building!

  3. Jo-Ann Neuhaus Says:

    I believe this is an office building. I sent Ben Forgey and Mary Fitch, executive director of the local AIA chapter, emails with a link to your blog asking each if they knew the architect.

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