Kit of Parts

The DC office of law firm Jones Day has been open since 1946, but they recently hired Pritzker Pirize winning architect Sir Richard Rogers to design an environmentally friendly state of the art addition to their historic Acacia Building. The two buildings are linked by an atrium space with a dramatic exposed steel structure rising through the center.  The skeletal yellow frame engages and supports multiple systems of circulation between several floors connecting the old building to the addition.  An elevator, stairs, and several bridges hang off the construction delicately, with all fastenings and constructed technologies revealed to the public.  The stark technological minimalism and “kit of parts” approach to architecture is Rogers’ signature style and can be seen typified in the famous Centre du Pompidou in Paris.






2 Responses to “Kit of Parts”

  1. fiat lux Says:

    as much as I love the idea of it, I find it incredibly “busy” for a minimal structure. I never warmed up to the Centre Pompidou for the same reason. But I think it’s great that a business as conservative as a law firm selected such an extravagant and risky project. Props.

  2. nybor Says:

    good post kashuo! zoe would climb all over that thing.

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